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7 Articles You Must Read if You’re New to Bitcoin

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in Outer Mongolia, you’ve heard of Bitcoin. The once-marginalized digital currency may have started as an anonymous way to buy and sell contraband, but over the past few years, it’s become a hot investment vehicle. So what articles do you need to read to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin?

Here’s a list of 7 that should be a huge help in your journey toward Bitcoin expertise.

1. What is Bitcoin?

A super basic summary of the main gist of Bitcoin. This will start you off and walk you through some of the most basic ideas surrounding Bitcoin. It’s also helpful because it’s done through infographics, so it’s a simple introduction. Very simple but very useful.

2. Bitcoin

The old standby, Wikipedia, strikes again. But this time, the article is really informative and has links to every detail of Bitcoin life, from fundamentals to where to spend. It’s helpful to understand some of the deeper thinking around Bitcoin, as well as some of the history. Worth a read.

3. How Does Blockchain Work?

The underlying fundamental of Bitcoin that keeps it safe and protected from fraud is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger, or database, that requires consent from all parties to verify a transaction. Therefore it is inherently free from It’s worth understanding the basics in order to feel safe.

4. What is a Digital Wallet?

If you’re going to buy Bitcoin, you’ll need a wallet, and not just any wallet, but a digital wallet that will store your Bitcoin. Sound funny? It’s ok – this article will help you understand what a digital wallet is and how it works. You’ll need to have a pretty strong grip on this concept before diving into Bitcoin.

5. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency is a fancy name for digital currencies, rather than fiat currency issued by a government. While the ways to spend cryptocurrencies like BTC are growing (see the article below), it’s also important to find a way to exchange your Bitcoin for fiat currency like dollars or euros. To do that, you’ll need a cryptocurrency exchange. It’s important to understand cryptocurrency exchanges. The best way to do that is to read some pages, and pick one exchange and open an account. The exchange allows for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and converts the sale into other fiat currencies.

6. Bitcoin Price Analysis

This site offers weekly price analysis. Just go to the link above and search the author’s name, and you’ll find an up to date price analysis of Bitcoin. It’s worth keeping track of where the market has been in order to know where the market may go from here.

7. Getting in Deep

If you’re really wanting to understand what’s going on with Bitcoin down to its very roots, this site is the place to go. The author has compiled an incredible series of articles on the programming roots of the blockchain that is the foundation for Bitcoin. It’s worth taking time to read through the articles, but only if you’re really into understanding everything there is to know about Bitcoin. It’s the equivalent of understanding the complexities of printing a $100 bill, rather than just understanding the value of $100.

With these seven articles, you should be able to go from Bitcoin zero to 60 in a relatively short time. Bitcoin is here to stay, so learning all you can is a good decision.


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