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Floyd Mayweather Promotes ANOTHER ICO

Floyd is back!

As we reported back in August, Floyd Mayweather is fast becoming the (well paid, we assume) voice of ICOs.

Hot on the heels of his Stox and Hubii promotions, Floyd is now endorsing the Centra ICO.

Floyd Mayweather Centra ICO

On a side note:  this comes just days after the FTC apparently sent warning letters to Instagram influencers reminding them to disclose business relationships for products they promote.

What is Centra?

We have no idea to be honest.

Looking at their site they are apparently “a Crypto debit card for Bitcoin, Ethereum & more.”  Their Debit Card “enables users to spend their cryptocurrency in real time with a 0% exchange, spend, & withdraw fees”.

That’s all well and good.  But we’re left here wondering:

Is there an ICO that Floyd Mayweather doesn’t promote?


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