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How to backup 2FA – Binance

How to Back-up Your Binance Two-Factor Authentication


In this guide we’ll show you how to reset your Google Authenticator’s two-factor authentication (2FA) on Binance. Follow these simple, graphical instructions to safeguard your digital assets in the unfortunate event you lose access to your mobile device.


This process to reset your two-factor-authentication is not difficult, but this is a very important. Should you lose access to your exchange account and wallet, there is no guarantee you can regain access to your assets in a timely manner. This could mean losing opportunities to buy, sell, or trade.


STEP 1: Removing Your Existing Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA)

It is imperative you follow the precise order of events in this guide to avoid getting accidentally locked out of your own account on Binance. Begin on your computer, not your mobile phone. Log in to your account on Binance using your old 2FA, then look at the default screen.


To get started, look toward the bottom right of the screen. You will see the ‘Google Authentication’ security system with Binance. The icon for this is the same as that on your mobile phone’s Google Authenticator. Select ‘Disable’ (1) to continue.



Before you proceed any further, take note of the warning (1) atop the page. No withdrawals are permitted from your Binance account for 24 hours following the disabling of Google Authenticator (2FA). If you need to move any assets from your account in the short term, do so now.

If you are ready to proceed, enter your Binance account’s login password (2). Open your mobile device’s Google Authenticator application and pull one last Binance code from it to enter in the ‘Google Authentication Code’ line (3). Press ‘Submit’ (4).


You will be prompted at this point with a ‘Success!’ indicator and a green checkmark and redelivered to the default Binance account screen.



On your mobile phone, open Google Authenticator. Highlight the 2FA code generator associated with your Binance account so it turns light blue. Once it is highlighted, select the garbage can icon (1) on the top-right of the screen.



The Google Authenticator application will provide you with an indicator at this point making it clear that you need to turn off the two-factor-authentication for your Binance account. You have already completed this step through the computer website, so select ‘REMOVE ACCOUNT’ (1). Now you can set your mobile phone down and look back at the Binance website.


STEP 2: Creating a New Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


Congratulations! You have removed your old two-factor-authentication code from your account and it is now vulnerable. We need to create a new one (and record the codes this time) to re-establish 2FA and safeguard the security of your account.



Look again at the ‘Google Authenticator’ on the bottom right of the screen. Now that your original 2FA code was disabled on your account and your mobile device, it is time to enable a new one. Press ‘Enable’ (1).


You will see a prompt to install the ‘Google Authenticator’ application (1) at the top of the ‘Download App’ tab. You do not need to reinstall your Google Authenticator. Once you deleted the old Binance 2FA code generator, the data was removed from your application. Select ‘Next Step >’ (2) to proceed.



Open the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device. Press the red “addition” button in the bottom right of the app, then point your phone’s camera at the QR code (1) on your computer screen. If the QR code does not automatically register on your Authenticator application, you can manually enter the 16-digit code (2).


Take this time to save a screenshot of your webpage and print the image so you can save the QR code and 16-digit code for any future need. Alternatively, you can write down the 16-digit code. The QR code is only for convenience and is not completely necessary; only the 16-digit code is critical to keep.


Press ‘Next Step >’ (3) to continue.



This ‘Backup Key’ screen is yet another reminder to manually record your backup key (1). This 16-digit code is the same from the previous step. Binance further encourages this action by stating that a Google Authenticator reset support ticket takes at least seven days to resolve (2). Select ‘Next Step >’ (3) to proceed.



This is the last step in the process. To finalize activation of your new 2FA code through Google Authenticator, enter your 16-digit backup code in the ‘Key’ line (1). On the ‘Login Password’ line (2) you should enter your Binance account’s login password.


Look at your mobile device and re-open the Google Authenticator application if you closed it. Enter your time-sensitive 6-digit Binance 2FA code on the ‘2FA Code’ line (3), then select ‘Enable Google Authentication’ (4).




Properly backing up your Binance two-factor-authentication code is something that simply needs to be done. The cryptocurrency market is incredibly volatile, and not having access to your funds or Binance exchange account because you misplaced or destroyed your mobile device is a nightmarish scenario. Even though Binance claims it takes a minimum of seven days for a Google Authenticator reset through the support ticket system, there is a strong chance it could take much longer than that. In the world of cryptocurrency investing, that is essentially an eternity.


As long as you follow the steps in this guide in order, you will encounter no problems resetting and saving your Google Authenticator 2FA code.


Good luck, stay safe, and happy investing!


  • Neil
  • March 23, 2018

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