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The 10 Best Websites to Learn About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

With new digital assets and crypto projects being launched every day, it can be difficult to keep track of everything.

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced massive growth in the recent months.  Some of the popular cryptocurrencies available today include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.  But that’s not the end of the list. The latest data confirms that there are 900 more cryptocurrencies in the industry and the number keeps on growing.

But if you’re new to this space or want  to learn more about cryptocurrencies,  you’re in the right place.

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Then head on over to these 10 websites that can quickly get you up to speed on all things Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

  1. – This site is impressive in the sense that it can allow over 150 payment methods to be used. It is a peer to peer marketplace connecting sellers with buyers.
  2. – GDAX offer good liquidity and it is great for technical traders. Serious players in this space get the best ethereum exchange from GDAX. This site has been specially optimized to be a serious trading site. In addition, it is an integral part of the trusted Coinbase brand.
  3. Cryptocoincharts – The site is ranked as one of the best cryptocurrency sites available online. This site provides data for numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.
  4. Quandl Bitcoin Markets – The site provides a page full of high-quality statistics regarding Bitcoin. Statistics offered by the site include Bitcoin prices on almost 30 different exchange/currency pairs, the blockchain size, the average block size and the number of Bitcoin transactions.
  5. – This site has been in the market since 2011 and they are big in Europe. They accept both US dollar and Euro depositis. It is well received by traders using credit cards and SEPA.
  6. CrypTrader – This site helps users when it comes to linking their accounts to Vircurex, Bter, BTC-E and MtGox. One can simply use a page to directly buy and sell on any of the exchanges. CrypTrader is one of the best sites to utilize for those practising arbitrage trading.
  7. – This site allows users to stay anonymous with over 869 ATMs spread over each continent. You can easily purchase with no verification of ID when using this site. You can use cash to buy in person at local ATM machines.
  8. Coinchoose – This site is particularly designed for miners and it offers accurate data on more than 80 cryptocurrencies. The site enlightens miners on the advantages of mining all Bitcoin-related currencies.
  9. – This site is ranked among the more technically advanced cryptocurrency sites. You can purchase bitcoins using trusted third parties, escrow or bank transfer. Over 60 cryptocurrencies can be traded on this site.
  10. – This site allows its users to buy bitcoins without using ID verification. This has seen the site experience fast growth and it has gained reputation for its unique service. It is also available in all countries and currencies.

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